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We get a lot of shit for our tagline, HATE DEATH FEAR, SEX MONEY FAME. Usually even more shit once we explain it.

For those of you not in the know, (congrats on not being sucked into this pathetic excuse for a blog 3 years ago), the tagline is a list of motivators…the only true motivators. Insert: “What about love?” comment here. Well, we’ll get to that, but for the rest of this paragraph, face it – it’s true.  So no need to hate on it just because you think you are better than everyone else.

But let’s go ahead and cut to the real reason you are still reading this, because you are still stuck on the “what about love?” shit….or maybe you just want to see the mandatory tit pics below already, and that’s cool, too.  So let’s set-up the scenario and get to those:

Let’s pretend you fell in love yesterday.  So today you woke up all happy and shit. You walked around all smiley-faced and annoying and oblivious to the fact that a Republican might get elected to the Oval Office despite the fact that everyone cool “occupied” things all year, but then they forgot to register to vote. You had a donut for breakfast because the sprinkles on the pink ones reminded you of the happiness in your heart. You gave your neighbor that Crate & Barrel catalog that keeps coming in your mailbox instead of their’s unlike your usual practice of ripping it to shreds and burning it on their doormat. You let that girl putting mascara on while driving and texting and drinking Red Bull cut you off without rolling up next to her and throwing your Starbucks at her car like you did on Monday. Good job. But you still did things the same, right?  You might have been nicer about it, but you still went to work, you still ate breakfast, you still got your mail. Love makes things seem prettier. So do sprinkles.

But let’s say yesterday you came home after work to your house burnt down to the ground, your loved ones murdered, your life destroyed and over as you knew it instead of you falling in love. Insert FEAR. You’ll probably do the same thing the next day as you’d do if you had fallen in love…right? Go to work, eat, drive, crap, sleep….Nope. You’ve been motivated. You will now devote the rest of your life to seeking revenge, declaring war, moving to Amsterdam, running away, or simply giving up and moving into a tent on Skid Row.  Whatevs. Point is: you change things. This is FEAR. Fear that your life will no longer be easy and covered in sprinkles and that’s great that you finally realized that losing everything might mean you finally find something worth living for, but why wait to be taught the lesson? Get smarter stupid.

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Comments (2)
  • February 2, 2012


    Been on this blog for a long time.

    One reason really.

    You people are sticking to your story.

    Tit pics.

  • February 27, 2012


    long time i haven’t stop by.. doesn’t mean i forgot about you all… i keep trying to introduce insurgency and its taglines into europe.. working very well, already lost half of my friends….

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