Eyes Shut Social Succubus

This is my preferred mode of transportation.   Eyes shut to your completely unabashed self-indulgence.  This abhorrent behavior you exemplify is so vast it has gravity – sucking in all the non-identity pseudo-adults around you into vortex of unexplained social inertia. 162903711492479746_WoZCmTWd_c

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Subterranean Comfort

The next time you are feeling rad — just remember this dude.  Doesn’t give a fuck who’s on the train but is damn concerned with the window.  Fucking baller.



I fucking love Instagram. I instagram the shit out of a bunch of stupidity. Sometimes I think to myself: This is really really stupid. I’m not even sure how I have as many follows as I do.

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FML/LOL: The Opening

On September 6th, Gabriel Lacktman, aka Third One of The Status Faction, opened his first solo show. It was about fucking time. We were stoked to be asked to help him out. We learned a shit ton.

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Our friend Third One, aka Gabriel Lacktman, is opening a new solo show on Sept. 6th in Kansas City. It’s going to be epic. And we might just be helping out with an installation or two. If you are in the area, join us.

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We make art.

“Carry-on” by us is currently on view @ West Bottoms Art Society. If you want #peace. Prepare for #war.

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Fugue State:

“A pathological amnesiac condition during which one is apparently conscious of one’s actions but has no recollection of them after returning to a normal state. This condition, usually resulting from severe mental stress, may persist for as long as several months.”

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